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Sexual Insensitivity

I cannot feel a thing down there...

sexual insensitive

Do you feel sexual pleasure when you have sex with your partner?
When it comes to the first experience, women often feel tense rather than relaxed. However, some women don’t feel sexually comfortable with sex even after they get used to it. Such women may find themselves sexually cold? Generally speaking, women may experience a range of sensations of frigidity since the female orgasm is not obvious like male ejaculation. Frigidity can mean a broad range of phenomena related to lowered libido, the degree of which is different with each person. However, frigidity can be remedied, resulting in improvement in sexual and emotional sensitivity.

Does exercise help to get over frigidity?
Yes it does.

As a matter of fact, females required more exercise to feel their orgasms than men by nature. Boys experience their first nocturnal emission in their early teens at earliest, usually quickly followed by masturbation. However, girls are likely to feel guilty about masturbation and to lack opportunity to explore their own sexual sensations. Since women have a number of erogenic zones, the most comfortable approach to sexual satisfaction varies among individuals. Therefore, masturbation is indeed a practically effective and private exercise for a woman to discover those parts of her body in which she feels the greatest sexual pleasure.

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