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Is it safe to have sex during your menstruation period?

What if you feel having sex during menstruation?
Is it true that your sex drive gets high, during menstruation?

Let’s have a look into the advantages and disadvantages.

sex during period

Do you have sex during menstruation?

Most cultures view sex during menstruation as kind of taboo. Because of these inherent social norms, many women feel a certain disgust or embarrassment at the idea of having sex at this time. But there are some couples who don't have any inhibitions about engaging in sexual activities during this time. Some even say they prefer to have sex at this time. Most people find forbidden things rather exciting. Because of the social taboo, the idea of sex during menstruation may cause extreme arousal since the act represents forbidden fruit, waiting to be plucked. You won't find many couples that will admit to having sex during this time. Those who do will insist that they don't see anything wrong with having sex during the woman's period. They will state that there's nothing strange about this activity except that making love is messier than usual during menstruation.

What About Oral Sex?

Though some men and women may find the thought of oral sex during menstruation a little bit off-putting, many partners do engage in this act. If you and your partner are considering having oral sex during your period, rest assured, it is entirely safe to do so. However, if you have an STD, the menstrual blood can contain STD bacteria or viruses, and your partner should use appropriate protection. If you or your partner may be infected, oral sex can be made safer by use of a dental dam. However, if either partner has an STD, it is safest not to have oral sex at all.

Does Sex Help to Manage Period Pains?

Many women find that sexual intercourse actually helps to relieve period pains and menstrual cramps. This is because an orgasm can cause your uterus to contract, enabling it to use up excess prostaglandins in the process. Prostaglandins are hormones produced by your uterine lining. They help to stimulate contractions that move menstrual blood out of the uterus, and are also responsible for those cramps that occur throughout your period.

Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

Though possible, it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant during your monthly menstrual cycle. During your period, your body works to shed the uterine lining that it has been building up over the last month, in preparation for pregnancy. When you don't become pregnant, small uterine contractions begin, encouraging the unfertilized egg and unused endometrium to be shed from the uterus and through the vagina. This means that there is no egg in the fallopian tubes to become fertilized and no lining to help a developing embryo to implant properly.

This being said, there is a small possibility of pregnancy during your period. 

Women often mistake slight bleeding that can occur with ovulation as their period. Unprotected sex at this time can greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Additionally, sperm can live in the female reproductive system for up to three days. Because some women ovulate at the very end of their menstrual periods, sperm may still be alive at this point, and able to fertilize an egg. Some studies have indicated that pelvic inflammatory disease, which is one of the problems that women can have, is more common in women who have intercourse during menstruation.
So it is important for a woman who wants to have or does have intercourse during menstruation to use a condom during that time, particularly if it is with a new partner, or a casual partner, or any partner that she isn’t sure is exclusive to her, or if he has a partner that you are not sure about. If there’s the slightest possibility that he could get an infection, then your partner should use a condom. You might be more vulnerable to be re-infected with a bladder infection or a yeast infection of your own during that period. So it is a time to be careful.

How to enjoy sex during menstruation.

More people take part in sexual activity during menstruation, and that a woman who is comfortable with having sex during her period is more likely to be comfortable with her partner knowing she has menses. And obviously, because it would be hard to keep that secret from a man unless you were using a diaphragm, when you have sex with him he’s going to know you have your period.
A woman who has sex during her period also would be more likely to be aroused by sexual fantasies and romantic and unusual ones, and also would find fewer conditions in life disgusting. Not a bad attribute or set of attributes to have in a sexual partner. Having sex during your menstruation period is safe, as long as you are with an exclusive partner or are using a condom and refrain from anal intercourse.
It also may diminish cramping, since the increased contraction and the release of hormones during an orgasm can assist in decreasing pain in the abdominal area, although orgasms from any activity will probably do the job just as well.

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