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He will kneel down for your oral sex technique!

But but, honestly, I'm not keen to give a blow job though...

Presumably, half of women hesitate to go down there. Is that because you think it's dirty? Or painful? Maybe you don't know how much your partner likes it actually? Or you just don't know how to? As same as the essential of sex, oral sex is also a kind of "communication". Now learn the right way to give him an oral sex. Your partner cannot let you go!

Before starting, get ready

1. Cleanness makes it perfect

If your partner hasn't taken shower yet, use wet tissue or a hot towel, and clean up his penis gently. Asking him to shower together is a good idea as well. If he's not circumcised, gently retract the foreskin and cleanup the head of penis. Is it kind of rude? No. If it's clean, you don't need to hesitate anymore. Which is actually the best for him.

2. Find the most comfortable position for you

Don't start it from an uncomfortable position. You will get tired pretty soon!

good oral sex position

Oral Sex Technique #1

Tease him with slow movements

Start with licking his inner thigh, fingers or nipples. If you have a lubricant or massage cream, that helps a lot. Then, slowly move to his balls and anus. Apply saliva or lubricant and massage around his anus in circle motion with your finger. And stimulate a point between his balls and anus. This point is called perineum and one of the erogenous zone for men. At this moment, he almost looses his self-control! And this is only a prelude.

Oral Sex Technique #2

flavor lube for oral sex

The wetter is the better

Now, you finally kiss tip of his penis (called glans). Hold it in your mouth softly and turn your tongue around the head. Think it's a man's version of clitoris. It's very sensitive, so sometimes it will be painful when it's rubbed too hard. And when it's dry, you must know how painful it is! So this could be the most important thing. Use plenty of your saliva or a kissable lubricant until it makes sloshing sound. The lewd sound will turn him on even more.

Oral Sex Technique #3

Don't close your eyes. Look at him!

Man tends to arouse from a visual sight. When you give him an oral sex, try to gaze at him sexily time to time and see how he feels. Lick his penis from down to top, watching him. Is he panting? Or groaning? If he closes his eyes, say "look at me" and show how you lick his penis.

Oral Sex Technique #4

Use both your hands and lips

Don't get it wrong that oral sex is only done by your mouth. That's tiring seriously! Use your hands to touch his shaft, balls, thigh or nipples at the same time you're giving oral sex. Again, very softly. When you lick the glans, hold the shaft in your hand gently as if it is a fragile object and move up and down. See his reaction and adjust the strength. Remember, make it as saucy as possible.

Oral Sex Technique #5

Ask how he feels, what he likes, what he wants!

While you're petting, do not forget to communicating with him. Tell him how much you love it and ask him how he feels. Silence will freeze everything. If he's shy, you can give him some choices. "Do you like this? or this better?" "How about... here?" An intimate communication will lead you two to one level hotter atmosphere. Explore your partner's body then discover his erogenous zones that would be known ONLY by you.

Oral Sex Technique #6


Imagine you're sucking vanilla shake with a straw. Hold your lips around the top of his penis then suck. This stimulation could spice up the licking session. You can still use your tongue to tease his tip-top in the same time. However, too much suction sometimes causes pain. Start with a gentle suction and slowly turn it up. Or, you can ask him to suck your finger to find his desirable intensity. Soft suction, hard suction, soft suction, then hard suction... together with a continuous rhythm and lewd noise, his climax is almost there.

Oral Sex Technique #7

Deep Throat

To let his penis goes all the way to the back wall of throat is very exciting for man. It feels like the penis touches the deep end of vagina. However, there's no way avoiding the gag reflex for you and it is quite nasty. You definitely need a practice with a soft sausage or a banana first. Tips are, to make your mouth wide open and flatten your tongue. Then tilt your head slightly backwards to make your mouth straight to the throat. Try to keep breathing from your nose. Nevertheless this is an extreme technique and not many people can do. So take it easy, pace yourself.


Here's a list of something you should not do while giving him an oral sex.

oral sex Do-not list

No worries. There's always alternative.

Use Tenga Egg when you cannot give him an oral sex.